Videos, photos, and rescue stories are courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.


A Last Minute Rescue

He had only been in the world one day, but it was to be his last. Billy, one of many male calves considered worthless by the dairy industry, was about to receive a fatal hammer blow to the head…
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Rescued from Neglect, Calf Heads for New Home

An individual inquired about adopting young Norman from Livingston Animal Control, but declined to guarantee, however, that the calf wouldn’t eventually end up on someone’s plate.The agency’s staff certainly wasn’t going to take that risk!
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Phoebus, Blake, and Sixer

Dairy Calves Rescued from Starvation

The sight of five male dairy calves in a small dirt pen greeted Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Field Services Manager Todd Stosuy and an accompanying veterinarian when they arrived at the property neighbors had reported. The sickly, malnourished, young steers were skin and bones.
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From Dairy Dead Pile to Sanctuary: A Brave Calf Survives Against All Odds

Against unbelievable odds, a newborn calf named Mario has gone from the trash heap to sanctuary. Discovered on a dairy farm’s dead pile, tiny Mario immediately began reaching the most unlikely people.
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Alexander, Blitzen, and Lawrence

Newborn Calves from Stockyard on Road to Recovery at New York Shelter

One [calf] was so sick and weak that his legs kept buckling beneath him as workers prodded him to get him on his feet. The other, weighing only 37 pounds, was so small that the bidders made a joke of him – calling him “trash.”
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Mother Finds Safe Haven After Grim Fate at Auction

To the dairy farmers who bred her, she was disposable. To the workers at the stockyard where she was brought for auction, she was negligible. To her new family at Farm Sanctuary, however, Fanny is precious.
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Little Calf Finds Sunny Days at Our New York Shelter

Sonny was likely less than one day old when we found him lying motionless in a filthy stockyard pen. A male calf, Sonny was useless to the dairy where he was born.
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