Ribbons are available for a minimum donation of $5 each. If you are making a larger donation and would like to get more than one ribbon, please enter the quantity you would like on the PayPal confirmation page (under the “notes to sender” section).

We ship anywhere in the world!

Be sure to wear your Cow Ribbon

Wear it for the calves who will never know their mothers. Wear it for the cows who will never know their calves. Wear your ribbon to show your compassion for all of the animal mothers caught in our “food” system.

Your donation supports Liberation BC’s grassroots outreach work – raising awareness about the plight of animals in today’s society.

You may also send a cheque (payable to Liberation BC) and we’ll be happy to send your ribbons to you.

Liberation BC
PO Box 14324
Granville Island Post Office
Vancouver, BC V6H 4J6

For more information, contact us at info@liberationbc.org or 604-329-5622.