Mother’s Day is a day of celebration of all mothers.

This Mother’s Day (and all year-round), extend the celebration to the mothers who are used in the food industry. The dairy industry depends entirely on the exploitation of the reproductive systems of mothers.

Mothers who deserve to know their children.

Like all mammals, cows must have babies in order to produce milk. In the dairy industry, cows are kept in a state of almost constant pregnancy. the cows are re-impregnated via artificial insemination, just two months after their calves are born.

Artificial insemination has become increasingly popular since the 1950’s, as it allows farms to control the genetic tendencies of their herds. Traits such as fertility, milk production, butter fat production and protein content of milk are particularly sought after.

Dairy cows often go through their lives without once seeing a bull. During artificial insemination, a farm worker forces his arm, up past the elbow, into the anus of a cow, and threads an implantation device through her cervix and into her uterus, where the semen is released.

This is truly a perversion of the cow’s natural instincts. But she’s not the only one who suffers. Each and every one of her female calves will grow up without ever knowing their mother, essentially orphaned by the system that produced them. The male calves, unwanted by the dairy industry, are slaughtered at a few days old for “bob veal” or a few months old for”white veal”.

Mother’s Day is a time for honouring motherhood. You can honour the mothers of animal agriculture by wearing your ribbon on Mother’s Day (and every day) and doing what you can to help them with every meal you eat.